We Laughed, Brought Smiles, and Poured Liquid Awesome!

So as part of our workout today, we wanted to share some Holiday Cheer with those around us at 9RUN6. This morning rather than a typical run and workout, we made efforts to bring some used clothing and some food and get them to some of the homeless people of Sacramento. We targeted some areas where people hangout and tend to hangout leaving some clothing in random spots.


getting up the hills


short hill intervals


While running to various locations around the Downtown area to spread some holiday love we included some short hill repeats at the Old Sacramento / Downtown tunnel entrance then made our way to the Tower Bridge where individuals fulfilled their Winter Challenge exercises. David was the beast of the group at this one when he knocked out 50 burpees while others did push ups, sit ups, squats and pull ups.


Alexia working on those guns with her pull ups and Judy doing some squats to help with her Twerking in the club.



Kevin getting his pull ups in, while Derrick is um…



Tara and Katie smashing some sit ups!


After completing these individual workouts, we made our way back tracking the footsteps that took us along the areas we had dropped off some clothing. We were able to see that some of the clothing stacks were already being rummaged through by people, which showed us that what is sitting around in boxes for us can be used by others in need. While looping back around and exiting the Downtown Plaza area, the group came across a man pulling 2 shopping carts, I believe his name was James, but anyways we asked him if he needed any clothing or food and he said he would be grateful for it, so we hooked him up with some clothing and Ernesto gave him some snacks to take to where ever he was off to. We also let him know where to find some other stacks of clothing we left behind, we hope he was able to find them and also put them to good use.

Upon getting back to the State Capitol we took a couple of group photos and made our different ways.


We will have a workout this Friday! As announced if you are running late meet us at the staircase at the Sacramento Convention Center on J Street. Also check out the free race entry contest that we are holding on the 9RUN6 Facebook Page.

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