Like Batman And Robin … Not really

When you think of partners you think of Batman and Robin, Starsky and Hutch, or Bonnie and Clyde. Today we did a partner workout that was probably more equivalent to that duo of Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie Twins. In fact we took taking our removal from our comfort zone to a whole new level today.


today was that area outside of your comfort zone type of workout.

After the 6:25AM meet up at the west steps of the Capitol, the group made our way to the IMAX theater on K Street for today’s morning #breakFASTclub workout. Upon arrival the group was instructed to partner up. Simple enough people thought … um then the workout got awkward really fast 🙂

First the group did lunges towards one another giving their partner a high-five during each lunge … pretty simple … unless you were partners with Ernesto who was like a top ready to fall over at each lunge.


Then the partners moved into wall squat / tricep dip combinations 🙂 … Yes one partner did a wall squat while the other used their partner’s knees to hold onto for tricep dips … moving more towards awkward and personal space encroachment …


Of course we had to throw some partner sit ups into the workout, this one was pretty simple with a high-ten at the top …


Next up were some push ups with shoulder taps or high-fives at the top of each push up with your partner facing you … this one was worth a video

Yup, then there was more like back to back squats …


Oh and we didn’t stop there! There had to be some pretty laughable movements too like … um how about some leap frog …


Then we closed it off with some planks while the other partner did some high side steps over the planking partners legs …


If you missed today’s workout you missed out on a good one!

Next week we will have a meet-up run on Monday  along with the 2 other normal (Wednesday and Friday workout) … here is the info about the Monday meet-up at 6:00AM:

On Monday (12/22) we #RunWithSydney the graphic has info for our local run, but take the time to visit for more info. 


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