That’s a first!

So today we came out to a different location in case it rained. Last night the rain came down pretty hard and so it was a last minute effort to get the workout in an area that provided some covering. So Old Sacramento it is!


the map to this morning workout with address so Derrick T. wouldn’t get lost.

We came out with a workout to help Derrick T. celebrate his soon to be coming child into this world. So we made him do hold a 9 pound medicine ball for the entire workout. I mean let’s face it, the reality is, Derrick is going to have to learn how to multitask once the baby arrives. That includes doing squats, lunges and other forms of exercise while holding a baby.


Derrick with his “baby”.

After a quick warm-up lap around the streets of Old Sacramento, it was time for the DECK OF CARDS workout! A first to some and form of torture / enjoyment to others. 10 rounds of pulling cards and doing push ups, sit ups, and squats, but don’t pull a joker or that will cost you 25 burpees! So we started the workout then were rudely interrupted by Old Sacramento security telling us we weren’t allowed to workout on the sidewalks in Old Sacramento … We asked him if we could workout on the streets and he said “He had no jurisdiction on the street”. So we slid over 5 feet onto the street and continued our workout.

After the liquid awesome was poured and the security issues were addressed, we celebrated this morning’s workout with some post workout carb loading (aka donuts).


yes Ernesto in a onesie getting some donuts … NOM NOM NOM


Derek and Derrick at the same workout! They finally met.


Greg enjoying his first 9RUN6 workout


The REAL Fit Fam 6 experiencing his first deck of cards workout! How did he miss any of the other workouts?

See you on Friday at 6:25AM on the west steps of the Capitol in Downtown Sacramento.


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