The Streak: 2 years later …

Okay the streaking I have been doing isn’t like the type Will Ferrell did in Old School, mine is a different type of streak. It started with a 10-mile run on December 10, 2012, about 1 week after what I felt was the worse run I could have had in a marathon after feeling very prepared to run a sub 3:05. Just 1 month before that California International Marathon, I ran a solid tune up race in Santa Barbara running a 1:26 half marathon race.

After taking a few days off, I recollected my thoughts and got a game plan together. The game plan would include running more miles, I wasn’t sure about running every single day, but I did dump the cycling and other forms of cardio and put everything into running. It came down to one thing, if I want to be a better and stronger runner, I need to RUN MORE! The streak was influenced by a Facebook group that I was added to called Run Streak 2013, basically a page that called everyone to run everyday for 2013. It sounded fun and could keep me motivated so I did just that, run everyday for 2013, not knowing how long this streak would actually last.

So last week Wednesday (December 10, 2014) I celebrated my 2 year RUNniversary. By the numbers here is what 736 days of running looks like (I decided to add everything up to December 15, 2014):

  • DAYS: 736
  • TOTAL MILES: 6,423.19
  • 1 – 50k race
  • 1 – 30k race
  • 2 – team Relays (Ragnar, Hood to Coast)
  • 14 Marathons (3 BQ’s w/ Personal Best of 3:04:06)
  • 9 Half Marathons (Personal Best of 1:24:40)
  • 1 – 8.5 mile race
  • 1 – 6 Hour Endurance Race (39.75 miles)
  • 3 – 5k races (Personal Best of 18:55)
  • 2 – 10k race (Personal Best of 38:41)
  • 4 – 10 miles races (Personal Best of 1:05:42)


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