Nor Cal Storm … Whatever

From all the news reports you would have thought that by this morning the city of Sacramento would have turned into an underwater city. It was far from that when the awesome people of 9RUN6 showed up to the west steps of the Capitol at 6:25AM.

Yeah the ground was a little wet, we got a little bit of rain and a slight breeze blew in our faces, but it wasn’t anything close to what the local media would have had you thinking as they predicted a STORMageddon to blew through the city. With the hello’s completed the group made our way to a new destination for this morning’s workout. We incorporated some hill work without hills … Because who needs hills when you have 7 story parking garages in Downtown Sacramento!

Yup we made our way up and down the parking structure today a total of four rounds with push ups, sit ups and squats at the very top and at the ground level. Complete awesomeness!

One person did come in late because apparently the map that was posted on Twitter and Facebook were not clear enough. That one person was Derrick, who showed up after all four rounds had been completed.


The map of the workout location …


I thought it was H Street …

One person that did comment about being out there on Facebook and failed to show up even after having concerns about flooded roads was Ernesto. Apparently he slept past his alarm due to his In-N-Out hangover from yesterday.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 11.00.27 AM

the In-N-Out hangover victim

Have a great weekend everyone and see you next Wednesday at 6:25AM.

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