Something Blue … Congrats Chris & Dianne

Certain days call for special dress up moments. We had the same 6:25AM meeting at the west steps for the same goal of kicking off the morning with a kick ass workout with some really awesome friends. Today was a little different in that we honored a couple of our 9RUN6 members as they prepare to tie the knot on Friday. So our pouring of liquid awesome was in honor of Chris and Dianne this morning.

The workout attire for today was our finest workout clothing for the occasion, we had some spiffy looking ties, some classy top hats, the ladies rocked the tiaras, and we even saw a cape and very formal and festive t-shirt sweater today. There is no coming up short when it comes to special occasions.

With the scares of the worst storm Sacramento has seen in 5 years, we had some great weather to knock out the “Something Blue Workout”. The workout consisted of 2 rounds of 100 jumping jacks, 20 sit ups, 20 squats, 10 push ups, 25 bench dips, 40 alternating lunges, 10 burpees with a little bit of running around mixed in. After the workout was complete, we continued to honor the man of the hour by helping him complete his Winter Challenge goal of 30 push ups, 30 sits ups, and 30 squats, we all did the exercises with him.

If you missed out the workout today check out the Facebook and Twitter for some awesome photos and commentary. We will see you this Friday for our #breakFASTclub workout. Remember we meet at 6:25AM on the west steps then from there move to a different location which is announced every Thursday evening on Facebook and Twitter!

If you missed out today … if 100 people show up to 1 single workout someone in the group is going to get 9RUN6 tattooed on them … so help the group grow and get 100 people out there for some workout.

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