#runCIM Expo and Social Media Meet Up

The moment that every marathoner looks forward to is making their way into the marathon weekend expo. Once the doors open and the bibs are in hand then suddenly Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram start to blow up with all kinds of running related photos and endless selfies.

The California International Marathon holds it’s expo inside of the Sacramento Convention Center in Downtown Sacramento. The nice wide space allows for easy movement between the booths and short lines for packet pick-up. In my 8 years of running the CIM, I have never had one complaint about lines for bib and swag pickup. This year was no different except for the slight nervousness when I lined up to get my bib in the “M” line to find out my bib wasn’t there, so I had to get to the marathon assistance booth only to find out that my bib was filed in the VIP group.


red carpet treatment by SRA for my bib pick up.


bib and very comfortable long sleeve active top

With the bib in hand and everything else in place, it was time to work The San Francisco Marathon booth. Though I am not a 2015 ambassador for the race (by my choice of giving others an opportunity to become one), I still enjoy the folks at TSFM and love promoting their race. I have become friends with those who run the event and was contacted the week of the expo and asked if I was able to work the event, which I said I would be happy to do so. So the day was a bit long for me with the 8:00AM arrival to the expo for setup and people coming and going from 9:00AM to 5:00PM when the event finished.


my “office” for the expo

During the day, the folks of 9RUN6 and I hosted a 10:00AM social media meet up, which was a lot of fun as most people hung around for a few hours talking running and other fun stuff while taking plenty of photos.


Stephanie and Juan having fun with the selfie stick


one of the group photos during the meet up


even folks not running the marathon like Mark came by to say hi during the meet up


group selfie stick photo

A lot of laughs were shared and stories told during the meet up as runners announced their goals and the friends who showed up made plans on where they would be cheering runners on during the marathon on Sunday morning.


all the smiles!

With 5:00PM rolling around it was time to pack up The San Francisco Marathon booth stuff, luckily a lot of the handouts and giveaways were given away so packing up went by pretty quickly. In fact, I was one of the first ones out of the expo, got the stuff loaded up in my truck and I was off to grab my night before the race dinner before heading home.

The choice for dinner was an order of brown rice and green vegetable curry from a Thai restaurant near my house. Okay call it a little bit of superstition or just me really like Thia food, but I also had a similar dinner the night before my recent personal best at the TCS New York City Marathon.

With my tummy full I prepared all of my race day needs and was ready to get a good nights rest or as much as I could with the early morning wake up call to make my way to meet my Buffalo Chips Running Club teammates for our bus ride up to the start of the marathon.


the race day kit and number pinned.


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