Okay so it’s Friday 6:25AM … you’re probably in bed, but the awesome members of 9RUN6 are already all about getting their pour on … their pour of liquid awesome!



Like all the other Friday workouts we meet at the west steps before making our adventure towards the workout destination. Today’s workout brought us to the Sacramento Convention Center, which will be consumed by 10s of thousands of marathoners and their supporters as they enter the California International Marathon expo weekend starting today.


those running CIM this weekend sitting out some of the workout today to save the legs for Sunday!

Once we got to the convention center it was time to do the workout known as “THE BEAR” which incorporates as series of exercises for one minute long, each series adds other movements to the round, then a set of 3 minute stairs closed off each round today. There were a total of 3 rounds to the workout today that left people’s legs SCREAMING!


going up, up, up ….



Post workout some members decided they needed to represent the 9RUN6 a little bit more, so they all through down the stencils and put the logo on their own gear.


David getting his hoodie right for the Social Media Meet Up tomorrow!


After numerous tweets Ethan finally realized he is part of 9RUN6

Look who missed this mornings workout …

Don’t forget about all the awesome events going on this weekend as well!

Social Media Meet Up

Run The Capital Tweet Up
Saturday, Dec.6 at 10:00am
inside the marathon expo at The San Francisco Marathon booth

There will be various giveaways including swag from The San Francisco Marathon, Skechers Performance, Zensah, and Nuun Hydration.


After being the awesome individual that you are, now it’s time to celebrate with some beverages! Come out and share your race day stories while you “Raise Your Glass Higher”.

Post Marathon Social

Sunday, Dec. 7 at 3:00PM – 6:00PM
Yolo Brew
1520 Terminal Street West Sacramento, CA

There will be various prizes and giveaways at the social including swag from The San Francisco Marathon, Skechers Performance, Zensah, Nuun Hydration, Bib Rave, Epic Chiropractic and Coleman Phillips Massage.


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