#runCIM week! It’s finally here.

So there’s no hidden secret that it’s the week of the California International Marathon. The week brings plenty of excitement, while being coupled with anxiety … the taper week has most runners saying … GET HERE ALREADY! For me this will be my 8th CIM and 25th overall marathon, so I guess it is one of those landmarks indicating that I am a quarter of a way to hitting the 100 marathon mark.

As you plan out your marathon week of laying out your clothes, prepping your meals and planning on attending the marathon expo, here are a couple of other events I hope to see you at that circulate around the #runCIM experience.

Social Media Meet Up

Run The Capital Tweet Up
Saturday, Dec.6 at 10:00am
inside the marathon expo at The San Francisco Marathon booth

There will be various giveaways including swag from The San Francisco Marathon, Skechers Performance, Zensah, and Nuun Hydration.


After being the awesome individual that you are, now it’s time to celebrate with some beverages! Come out and share your race day stories while you “Raise Your Glass Higher”.

Post Marathon Social

Sunday, Dec. 7 at 3:00PM – 6:00PM
Yolo Brew
1520 Terminal Street West Sacramento, CA

There will be various prizes and giveaways at the social including swag from The San Francisco Marathon, Skechers Performance, Zensah, Nuun Hydration, Bib Rave, Epic Chiropractic and Coleman Phillips Massage.


Follow Along

I’ll be posting on social media ALL WEEKEND, sorry (not sorry) for blowing up your feeds. You can follow along here

Twitter: @chrismalenab
Instagram: @chrismalenab
Hahstags: #runCIM #9run6

One thought on “#runCIM week! It’s finally here.

  1. See you at the Expo! I’ll be working the Nuun table on Saturday and the finish line table Sunday after running the relay!


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