Black Friday … FREE AWESOME!

So some people wake up on Black Friday with the hopes of finding that really cool buy such as a television or gaming system or whatever else people wake up at early hours to go shopping go to find. A group of folks around town also woke up on Black Friday at what many would call an early hour … those folks are us who workout with awesome folks at 9RUN6.

Today the #breakFASTclub did the usual meet-up at 6:25AM at the west steps of the Capitol before making the 3/4 warm-up run down to the Tower Bridge. Once we arrived to the bridge it was on for the morning workout that would push many of the members to their limits as most of those that showed up today ran in the Run to Feed the Hungry yesterday morning. The workout for today (known as the 300) consisted of 50 squat jumps, 50 push ups, 50 tricep dips, 50 lunges (each leg), 50 leg raises.


Ernesto getting his push ups on.

After the workout was completed most members decided to get some FREE AWESOME today at the workout by mixing in their individual Winter Challenges in front of one another for some added support.

getting my individual Winter Challenge in ... 20 pull ups a day

getting my individual Winter Challenge in … 20 pull ups a day

With the individual challenges completed the members of today’s workout the group headed back to the Capitol to complete the cool down as a group. A big kudos to everyone that came out and worked out today after throwing down countless calories yesterday.

Of course we cannot end a Black Friday post without calling someone out today 🙂

Yup Gabbs didn’t make it out so feel free to shoot her a text and let her know we missed her today.

See everyone next Wednesday …

Join us every Wednesday (Workout Wednesday) and Friday (#breakFASTclub) at 6:25AM in front of the West Steps of the Capitol, here is the address: California State Capitol , 1315 10th St, Sacramento, CA 95814 (West Steps are the steps facing the Tower Bridge). Make sure to help us spread the word via social media “like” us on and “follow” us on Invite your friends to “Meetup” with us at

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