Red Light, Green Light … GO!

Everyone at some point in their childhood played a form of the “red light green light” game, right? So why does that mean we grow into adulthood and have to stop having fun with such games. Think about a game where you would run and try to be first to the finish line, as someone called out the colors. Today we brought back that childhood game in the form of our 9run6 version.

After everyone gathered at the west steps of the Capitol at 6:25AM like every Wednesday we started with some introductions of some new faces to the Wednesday Workout group. We welcomed Judy who was invited by Alexia and Ernesto who attended the #breakFASTclub workout last Friday, but made his first Wednesday workout this week. Today’s workout we were 13 members strong (with the obvious hopes of growing to 20, 50, 100, 1000 until we get this entire city becoming active!).

The Red Light Green Light workout game went like this … starting at the Capitol building we would run west on Capitol Mall (on the sidewalks) towards the Tower Bridge, at every crosswalk we would stop if the red light was showing and do burpees until the light showed us the green to cross safely. Some lights were short, some were well pretty long, while others didn’t change until we realized that some of the crosswalks had a button to push to cross … oops because most lights in the downtown area are automatically timed with the stop lights.


must be a red light


so many red lights on Capitol Mall


The group crossed the Tower Bridge and looped back around at the first stop light in West Sacramento, just before Raley Field.


burpees at the Tower Bridge


there weren’t any stop lights on the bridge itself … I think the group was upset about that 🙂

After making our way back to the starting point with approximately 2 miles of running and countless burpees the workout was complete. We took our group photo and at this point Derek announced the presentation of the Spirit Scarf … Congrats to Katie for being recognized by one of her fellow 9run6’ers for doing the workouts while she was out of town all last week for a work conference!


all the smiles!

Join us every Wednesday (Workout Wednesday) and Friday (#breakFASTclub) at 6:25AM in front of the West Steps of the Capitol, here is the address: California State Capitol , 1315 10th St, Sacramento, CA 95814 (West Steps are the steps facing the Tower Bridge). Make sure to help us spread the word via social media “like” us on and “follow” us on Invite your friends to “Meetup” with us at

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