Let’s Tweet Up / Meet Up …

So you’ve been coming to the Wednesday and / or Friday #breakFASTclub workouts, pouring some liquid awesome on the pavement of Downtown Sacramento. Now it’s time to gather and talk about everything else outside of just getting fit. It is also an opportunity for people who have been curious about 9run6 to meet some of the people that participate in it, in a non-workout setting. This way you can see we are all just like you and there is no workout you cannot handle!

We will also sharing some exciting news that can get you out the door for more running and beering (not sure that is a real word, but it sounded right).

Here’s the info:

When: Saturday November 15, 2014 (YUP THIS SATURDAY) from 11:30AM-1:30PM (come and go whenever you want to.

Where: Yolo Brew located at 1520 Terminal Street West Sacramento CA

Who: it’s open to everyone! invite your friends even if they aren’t curious about the 9run6.

What: There will be a chance to win some awesome swag. Meet-up with some awesome folks and gain more Twitter friends 🙂

Official Twitter Handles: @9run6 @YoloBrew

Official Hashtags: #9run6 #yolobrew

Added Bonus: If you want to “tag” your shirt with the 9run6 logo … the stencil and paint will be waiting for you at on Saturday.

*The event itself is free, but you are responsible for purchasing your own beverages or food at the food trucks.


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