Today was a Good Day (Sacramento) for sweating

So today was awesome! We worked out with a deck of cards. We also welcomed some new faces to the workout. Anyways check out the video from today’s Good Day Sacramento broadcast to understand the awesomeness of the workout!


Along with the great opportunity to be on the news today to show our awesomeness. We welcomed 4 first timers to the group today, Kelsey, Lisa, Ethan and Bernie. Hope we see you guys next week!

Chris McDaniel also thought it was time to pass along the spirit scarf onto someone worthy of it! Today Derek was presented with the Spirit Scarf. In the last 2 weeks, Derek has ran two 5k races. He also belongs to 2 fitness / running groups! What makes him even more awesome than these things is that he served his country with tours in Iraq! We thank you for serving our beautiful country and hope you had a great Veteran’s Day yesterday.

Derek with the Scarf!

Derek with the Scarf!

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