Flipping All Over This Belt

Disclaimer: I received a Flip Belt to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews! All views, comments and opinions are my own and not influenced by BibRave or Flip Belt and their employees.

So a couple of weeks as part of the Bib Rave Pro program was I was fortunate enough to receive the Flip Belt to use and review.  Now for those of you that know me and have ran with me, I don’t like to carry much stuff when I run. In fact, if I don’t have to I’ll even find away not to have keys on me to avoid anything jiggling around or worse losing things on my runs. Not to mention the chance of chaffing that goes on whenever you put anything like a belt or pack on.

With this in mind I was a bit hesitant to test this thing out for a couple of reasons, my previous experiences with chaffing and how much it would effect me during my runs with something flopping around my waist. Well wouldn’t you know after figuring out which color (opted for Neon Green) I wanted to have sent to me and getting the same week as the TCS NYC Marathon, I thought what a perfect time to test this thing out. Okay, maybe it isn’t the best time to try new things especially anything that is worn or consumed, which most runners will tell you not to try out the week going into a race. You can say it was a bit taboo when I shared with my running friends I was wearing a belt during the week of training and racing for the marathon.


you can see the Flip Belt as I show off my medal at the TCS NYC Marathon Finish area!

I started off with the Flip Belt on my Wednesday Meet Up workout group (@9run6). After a couple of miles, I noticed that I didn’t notice my phone and keys that were stored around in the Flip Belt. I also noticed (or didn’t notice) how it sat on me very comfortably during my run. It really was nearly non-existent. So it passed my training run test, now fast forward to a few days later as I toed the line for the TCS NYC Marathon, 26.2-miles through the five boroughs of NYC, this thing might cause some chaffing but I was still going to chance it because I was approaching this marathon as a training run for the California International Marathon on December 7, 2014, so if something did throw me off, no skin off my back since I wasn’t “racing” the race. Plus, if I wanted to snap some photos I would have my phone with me to do so.

Boom and there went the 26.2 miles … not only did I not feel any discomfort of the belt, no chaffing, I PR’d in the marathon distance with a time of 3:09:01 … which for my age group is also a Boston Qualifier, so my thoughts of a belt to keep keys and a phone and everything else would slow me down, was just thrown out the window!

So I guess I am flipping crazy for testing something new out going into race week not to mention the race itself, but this thing works! All I have to say is throw out those fanny packs and get yourself a Flip Belt instead. This storage pack is for reals.


the neon green Flip Belt on at the Berkeley Half Marathon.

I took the Flip Belt out on another race this past Sunday at the Berkeley Half Marathon in California. Again this belt didn’t fail me, it worked like a charm. I treated this run as a comfortable long run, but still ran it in 1:33:17. No casualties from the Flip Belt.


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