Get me to the IMAX

Each Friday the group gets together for #breakFASTclub at 6:25AM to pour out some liquid awesome! Today we started a new adventure in the workouts, but making our warm-up a short run to the IMAX where we did our workout for today. Every Friday we will continue to meet at 6:25AM at the West Steps of the Capitol, but will move our workouts from there, with the location always being within 1/2 mile from the West Steps. That run will be used as our warm-up and cool down returning back to the steps after the workout is complete.

Today the group took to the IMAX theater on K Street. With the warm-up taking us there, we completed the 50 to 5 workout this morning. The 50 to 5 workout involves jumping jacks, crunches, squats, and push-ups with a little run each time the numerical value of the exercises change. Some people as they walked to and from the Convention Center kind of gave us interesting looks, I am thinking it was more so a thought of … “Look at those awesome people, I wish I was as badass as them!” … the reality is they can be all they gotta do is show up just like you guys.

Right now the Friday group is much smaller than the Wednesday meetup group, but we don’t care, we still workout just as hard with the small group. To make things easier for people who might show up late, the location of the actual workout will be posted on and, but remember we will still always meet at 6:25AM on the West Steps for the warm-up run to that location.

We also had an announcement today letting the group know what they could become #916FIT but jumping in on the Winter Challenge … the rest of you will have to wait for the end of the day to find out what this all entails!


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