Get Your New York On: Marathon Monday

So it was Marathon Monday … honestly I didn’t even know about it until Pavement Runner informed me about it via a text message. So I looked it up and it sounded cool, so I added it to my things to do for Monday. However, before doing any thing New York Marathon related, I did what any normal person would do they day after a marathon  … yup go for a run. I know call it silly, call it, crazy, but it was a great way to spend some time with my cousin since he was going to join me for a nice run along the East River Park route.

a awesome pathway to enjoy sights of NYC

a awesome pathway to enjoy sights of NYC

After heading back to Lo’s spot, I got myself ready to head down to Central Park to meet up with a long time friend of mine who I haven’t seen in years. Like I big boy I took the subway on my own without getting lost! Pat was going to head down to Marathon Monday as well since he just finished his first ever marathon on Sunday! Congrats dude.

taking the subway on my own :)

taking the subway on my own 🙂

w/ Pat on Marathon Monday

w/ Pat on Marathon Monday

When we got to Central Park Ave & W. 67th the lines we already pretty long, though luckily it was mostly for people looking to get their finisher medal engraved. The line for the store moved fairly quickly getting people inside this massive tent so we can purchase some gear that read “FINISHER” on it.


runners buying all the things 🙂


even at 8:45AM gear was already well picked through


the line awaiting to get into the Marathon Monday swag tent

I did purchase a couple of things from Marathon Monday though they had some many awesome things there. This would be the first in my 24 marathons that I would actually purchase a finishers jacket! I also picked up the Monday edition of the New York Times which had a special NYC Marathon section and feature listing finishers of the marathon before the finishing time of 4:54:xx.


Marathon Monday photo opp


crews beginning to take down the finish line area

As runners shared their stories of running the marathon the day prior, crews started taking down signs and markings of the New York City Marathon. They did keep up the finish line area to allow for people to take some photos and enjoy that area one last time, sort of as a final warp-up to the marathon weekend.

the New York Times marathon coverage

the New York Times marathon coverage

With all the marathon stuff in the books, I joined Pat (NYC resident) and his family (parents from CA) for some breakfast at a nearby eatery. It was great catching up and chatting about running, everything else, and the days of college and the dudes we hung out with back in the day when Pat was in Ca.

Now that the marathon was over and all of the festivities had been enjoyed, it was time to put myself about in the city and do the touristy thing. I enjoyed the sights and sounds of the busy New York City on a Monday morning and afternoon, seeing buildings and areas like Time Square, The Rockefeller Center / Plaza, NBC Studios, and New York City Music Hall.


Time Square


the home of the Rockettes


where Saturday Night Live is recorded


the ice rink at Rockefeller Plaza


a New York land mark

New York was amazing! This is by far the best race I have been too, from the travel, time spent running, sightseeing and making new friends. The trip is one I will remember forever. I have goals of breaking my personal best which was set this weekend. So I guess they are right, every runner has a little New York in them. The time spent in a wonderful city allowed me to hold up to the race’s saying to “GET YOUR NEW YORK ON”.

Have you ever ran the New York Marathon? What do you remember most of your time out there?

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