Get Your New York On – Days 1 and 2

After a day of travel and New York Marathon related activities and getting my “New York on” as a sightseer I thought writing a number of blog entries made more sense. Not to mention the amount of photos that will probably be used in these blog entries.

Day 1 – October 31, 2014

Was a day full of travel. With “wheels up” at 7:45AM in Sacramento, I didn’t get into New York until just before 7:30PM EST. After landing I did what New Yorkers do … take a cab of course, to meet up with my cousin, Lo, who I am staying with over the next few days.


First can ride out of the way in NYC.

After dropping off my gear, we were off to grab some dinner at a near by Thai spot, which was amazingly delicious. My cousin also knows me all too well and asked me if I wanted some dessert, so we headed down the block to grab some delicious vegan ice cream!


looks delicious right?!?! straight VEGAN!

With some time to kill and it being Halloween, my cousin’s girlfriend asked if we wanted to check out the parade going on just a few blocks away. On our way there, they showed me Washington Park, which happened to be closed, but was still pretty cool looking from the outside.

the entrance to Washington Park

the entrance to Washington Park

Finally we made our way to the blocks where the Halloween parade was going down and this area around New York was pretty crazy with all the people and costumes. I’ll be honest this area was both awesome and kinda creepy at the same time. It looked like a scene out of a bad horror flick, I saw Minions walking next to masked men who were next to Zombies.

With the rain starting to come down and the wind starting to blow, we decided it was time to start heading back to Lo’s spot a few blocks on the way. While heading back Lo mentioned about the oldest consecutive ale house in NY, that serves only 2 drinks light beer and dark beer, which are both brewed in house. So we made a quick stop to McSorley’s Old Ale House for a quick beverage before calling it a night.

this place was truly awesome with their ale and set up.

this place was truly awesome with their ale and set up.

 Day 2 – November 1, 2014


Allowing myself to sleep in bit after a travel day, I got my shoes laced and running gear on and headed out for a 3 mile shakeout run. I felt pretty smooth and comfortable on my run, leaving me feeling positive about tomorrow’s 26.2-mile run through the 5 boroughs of New York City.

the bib all ready to rock for tomorrow

the bib all ready to rock for tomorrow

New York also brought another first for me, as I took my first Uber ride to the TCS NYC Marathon Expo. At the expo I picked up my bib, shirt, and other race swag compliments of the race. This expo may be the biggest expo I have ever walked into. I didn’t do too much viewing of vendors at the expo, but I did make it a point to see 3 specific booths. Those 3 booths were companies that have supported me through my running journey and have allowed me to represent them in the sport, Skechers Performance, Zensah Compression and Nuun Hydration. All of them had some awesome special NYC swag to share with me which I was very excited to receive.


I finally met Suzanne in person from Zensah, she was been my point of contact through email and social media


the Skechers Performance booth, more to come about them tomorrow after the Skechers after party


so much awesome in this photo from Skechers, Zensah and Nuun

With one final stop to chat with the pace team I was ready to leave the expo and head to the Tweet Up hosted by the dude himself Pavement RunnerIMG_0304I grabbed a quick taxi ride over to the New York City Library and met up with the social media running group for the Tweet Up. Here we drank some coffee, ate some snacks and made our way over the Asics store (the official sponsor of the TCS NYC Marathon).

The last time we took a photo we did a chest bump this is probably a safer photo with Pavement Runner

The last time we took a photo we did a chest bump this is probably a safer photo with Pavement Runner

With a couple of hours past doing the marathon stuff, I met back up with Lo to grab some lunch at a nearby ramen house, that served delightful veggie and vegan options. During lunch we also decided to do some NY touristy “stuff”.

mushroom boa ... YUMMY

mushroom boa … YUMMY

So the touristy NY stuff we did included taking the subway to Ground Zero to checkout the 9/11 museum and the area around it. Walking through the museum reminded me of that day and all the events where thousands of innocent people lost their lives.


the Freedom Tower located at One World Trade Center


while headed to the subway, Lo showed me a nearby MCA tribute mural

As the day passed by and we enjoyed hanging out and kicking it, it was time to head back indoors to grab some dinner and get my gear ready for tomorrow mornings events.

the kit ready for action

the kit ready for action

The first 2 days of awesome were truly that! I cannot wait to get to the start line tomorrow morning at Staten Island and start this next journey of 26.2-miles through the streets of New York City with 40,000 of my new friends in running.

How has your weekend of awesome started off? Are you in NYC or preparing for another marathon this weekend?

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