The Weekend Ahead

Yup a couple of  days away from crossing off one of my “running bucket list races” … The TCS New York City Marathon. This race has been a long time waiting. 4 years ago I submitted my application for the lottery, denied entry 3 times and fortunately I was able to join the final group that would get automatic entry after 3 years of denial, that rule is no longer an option for those hoping to run the NYC Marathon.

So in a quick snap shot next few days are going to look something like this …

Thursday October 30

Pack my goodies … Thanks to Marci with the Skechers Performance Division for getting me some awesome gear to wear on race day!


of course, I’ll be packing more than just one set of running gear!

Friday October 31

Travel from Sacramento to New York, arriving in the later part of the day. I am excited to not only finally get to NYC but also I get to hangout with my cousin LO who lives in NYC. He moved there a couple of years ago and actually submitted for the NYC Marathon Lottery, but didn’t get selected.


Saturday November 1

I’m going to start the day off with meeting up with some folks at a Tweet Up hosted by @PavementRunner and @IRun4Wine …. more info on this can be found at PavementRunner.comnycm-meetup-horiz

After saying my hellos, I am off to get officially checked in and snoop around the expo.


Sunday November 1

RACE DAY! With a 5:45AM ride to Staten Island … I will be awaiting for the Orange Wave 1 Corral B group to start … then the journey of 26.2-miles through the 5 boroughs of NYC starts. Next on the list after the start is crossing the finish and seeing what the medal looks like. Of course I’ll take in everything that this race has to offer as well. 10629561_10152868774193324_1527434686217252167_n

After the race another event I am looking forward to is Skechers Performance Division NYC Marathon Post-Race Party! Hoping to get a chance to meet Meb and Kara at this event as well as see what is new from Skechers! Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 6.04.22 AM

Yup, I am pretty excited to also have a couple of days before heading back to Sacramento to see the sights and sounds of NYC.

Have you ever ran the NYC Marathon? Any sound words of advice or must do things after marathon day?

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