9run6: fifty2five workout

Every Tuesday evening the reminder is sent via social media to set our alarms for Wednesday morning workouts that start at 6:25AM on the West Steps of the Capitol Building. Some step up to the plate and make it happen while others just kind of don’t show up as if they went missing. So this morning two of our members went missing so if you see them please return them back to the #9run6. Those two members are:


Tweet @fitfam6 to let him know we missed him.


@derricktsang was also missed today.

Anyways back to the workout. After a 5 minute warm-up run it was on like Donkey Kong this morning where we slammed through a pretty intense workout that included a series of different movements from jumping jacks, pushups, crunches, and squats. Starting at a set of 50 of two movements, the workout continued until each movement was down to 5. With each drop in intervals of 5, the sets were broken up with a quick 1/10 of a mile lap around the warm-up area.

With the sweat pouring and the legs screaming from the squats and jumping jacks the workout and weekend detoxification was completed. Today we also welcomed a new member to the Wednesday workout group, Alexia.


Hi Alexia welcome to the #9run6. She just completed her first half marathon this past weekend at the Nike Women’s Half in SF.

Don’t forget about #breakFASTclub on Friday at 6:25AM! See you then. Same place, same time just another added day to the week.


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