9run6: our first #breakFASTclub

So because once a week of torture with crazy workouts wasn’t enough for the Wednesday morning ninjas, we decided to add a second day to the week where we would meet-up on the West Steps of the Capitol building in Downtown Sacramento. This would also allow for people who couldn’t make it to Wednesday workouts come and join us on Fridays! Today we welcomed two new faces to the #9run6 workout group … everyone welcome Leah and Mark (who celebrated his birthday by joining us).


first timer Leah!


first timer and birthday boy Mark!

The 6:25AM time struck the clock and it was still dark out with leaf blower guy doing his thing of blowing dirt and dust around to start the morning. We have really built a loving relationship with leaf blower guy who really enjoys seeing our workout group every Wednesday and Friday mornings … okay honest truth, he probably cringes the moment he sees us gather for our workouts, but it is what it is and we still workout.

Today’s morning and every Friday workouts moving forward will involve a variation of the “Deck of Cards” workout that we first revealed a couple of weeks ago. Today was very similar but with a little twist at the end, we actually tried to score the best poker hand with 10 cards. After a 5 minute warm-up run, we pulled out the cards and started drawing first blood … each pull of the card represented the number of each push-up, sit-up and squat performed with face cards being 10 and aces being 11. But we had a little twist of the Joker today, where those represented 15 burpees. The first person to draw the Joker was Leah, who was formally introduced to a burpee for the first time this morning!

the winning hand!

the winning hand!

After 10 rounds (1 small lap and 1 draw of the card) and each person had 10 cards in front of them, we created our best poker hand. The best poker hand for today was a full house. The winning hand would be the person who selected a card from the deck with the first card representing the number of push-ups done by the rest of the group, followed by another card for sit-ups, the third card drawn was for squats and the fourth card representing the number of burpees.

Withe sweat pouring and the fun completed everyone was ready to tackle their day.


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