Wednesday’s #WTFCircuit

Mother Nature couldn’t rain on our Wednesday morning workout, actually it stopped raining by the time 6:25AM came around and it was time to get this party started. Today we welcomed back Derrick, who we haven’t seen in quite some time because apparently he has been cheating on 9run6 with another boot camp on Wednesday mornings. Nonetheless, we were happy to see him out there. However, we were missing the other Derrick today, I am starting to think they plan on only having one Derrick at the workouts at a time.


welcome back Derrick … He says join us!

One of our regulars was missing today but apparently got his Wednesday morning #9run6 workout in about 3 hours early as he tweeted this and made all of us jealous …


The workout for today was the #WTFCircuit … yes the WAY TOO FUN Circuit! After a 5 minute warm-up run we jumped right into the 18 minute circuit comprised of 6 different moves completing 3 rounds of the workout. With each movement / exercise lasting for one minute the group did high knee running, squats, lunges, cross body mountain climbers, push-ups and bear crawls. Because the rain broke for our workout, that was all sweat pouring down our shirts … yup hard work juice at it’s finest.

After the workout we were rewarded with some giveaway swag from Clif Bar, Clif Shot Bloks, Luna and Nuun Hydration.


post workout replenishment


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