I’m only a BQ’er …. for now

10 days ago I was extremely excited when I finally after years of training was able to log onto the BAA website and complete the registration application for the 2015 Boston Marathon. In December 2013, at the California International Marathon, I earned my first and only Boston Qualifying time. The time of 3:09:25 would also be my personal best which still stands to this day.

Yesterday that excitement I had changed to an whirlwind of emotion when I received the unfortunate news from the BAA that my qualifying time was not fast enough to gain entry into the 2015 Boston Marathon. Those running the Boston Marathon in 2015 would need a time of 62 seconds under their qualifying standard to gain entry and toe the line on April 20, 2015. I was 27 seconds shy of reaching this required time under my standard … perhaps here is the heart breaker … that 27 seconds equates to about 1.03 seconds per mile.

So there I was feeling a bit gutted, finding out that I was one of 1,947 who would receive the news that 2015 wasn’t our year. For a brief moment, I felt down …. then within a couple hours I did like most other crazy marathoner would do who didn’t get into Boston … Yup, I started planning out my training schedule … my target race is the 2014 California International Marathon.

The goal will be get a BQ minus 5 minutes, because that seems to be the new standard. Even though I can’t toe the line in 2015, there is one thing that this email can’t do is, it cannot take away the fact that on a cold day in December 2013 I went from a marathoner to a Boston Qualifier … Now the next logical step is to go from a Boston Qualifier to a Boston Marathon finisher!

Good luck to all of those who will be running Boston 2015, especially my close friends and training partners. Go get yourself a pretty jacket with a unicorn on it … because we all know you earned it!

One thought on “I’m only a BQ’er …. for now

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