Product Review: Bia Sport Watch

So over the last couple of weeks I decided to dump my Garmin 310XT when I was presented with the opportunity to test out the Bia Sport Watch. The friendly folks at Bia sent me a test watch, I am always game to try out new things, the worst that would happen is that I give it a negative review. So over the next few weeks after receiving the test wear watch, I took it for a spin, going on long runs, short runs, tempo runs, intervals, and even mixing in a race to boot.

After getting the Bia in the mail, I followed all the initial instructions of setting up an account online and getting the watch and specifically the GoStick registered. The GoStick is the “brain” of the watch which sends / records all of the vital information from distance, time, and pace to the online world where your workouts immediately get sent to which ever running platform you use. My preference is Strava, so all of my workouts go on there after I end my workouts on my watch. There is no more fussing with syncing my Garmin to my computer and waiting for my workouts to upload.

Other awesome features of the watch is the 17-hours of battery life that the GoStick offers! Combine this with the automatic upload creates for less wires getting tangled around your computer.

One of the biggest things I noticed about the Bia was the light-weight design of the watch. It is nearly unnoticeable while on the run. I did have reservations about the GoStick being clipped onto my shorts, but even that was not noticed once my feet started moving.

During workouts the watch offers some great features, allowing for custom workouts such as intervals, a lap function that works by the slapping the screen with a couple fingers (touch screen), and auto mile updates of splits.

The only single thing that I wish the watch did have was a backlight, however after thinking about it, if I need a back light to see the watch, I probably need a headlamp. Though sometimes around a lighted track it is still hard to see the screen, but this is a minor thing in comparison to what the watch offers to runners.

End result … I now own a Bia and have not worn my Garmin 310xt in over 3 weeks. In exchange for doing a test wear, the folks at Bia hooked me up with a discount on my own watch. Now you can get a Bia at a discounted rate as well! Use code CHRISSENTME to save $20 of each Bia. Act quickly as this code expires at the end of the month. Click here to go right to the Bia website!

The watch even sends you awesome messages when you end your workout.

The watch even sends you awesome messages when you end your workout.

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