Let’s Run 26.2 Again …

Just 4 weeks ago I took on 26.2-miles at The San Francisco Marathon. I would like to believe that the course beat me that day, but it was rather the rumbles in my stomach that did me in that morning in July. Though I didn’t come close to the finishing time that I had trained for, I can at least say I completed my 5th consecutive TSFM with my second fastest time on  that course.

Over the last four weeks I have gone through a week of recovery, pushed myself through 2 weeks of workouts with interval workouts, goal marathon pace runs, and recovery runs. Now I find myself into my taper week with a couple of 8 miles runs to close off the weekend, before hitting a week of 30 miles from Monday through Saturday before taking on the 26.2-mile event at the Santa Rosa Marathon.

With the 2015 Boston Marathon registration opening in the early part of September, it is my last go at bettering my BQ time before registration opens. Currently I have 3:09:25, which is a BQ minus 35 seconds for my standard time. This means I will not be able to register until the last group which has everyone registering with times under 5 minutes of their qualifying time. For the 2014 registration to get into the field and toe the line, runners needed 1:38 under their standard time or better to get into the race. Though 2014 was a pretty impacted year for the group, I still want to get my time faster than 1:38 than my standard time.

Going into next Sunday’s race I have the goal of running a 3:07:30, which would hopefully provide me a good enough of a cushion to get into the 2015 Boston Marathon.

Do you have any upcoming races you are trying to run a personal best in? How many of you will be at Santa Rosa next weekend?

2 thoughts on “Let’s Run 26.2 Again …

  1. I am running the Santa Rosa Marathon. DId not adequately prepared though because of persisting pain in my right knees. Might just treat it as a pratice run, will see. Good luck by the way!


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