Next Stop #TSFM2014

4 days away from my next marathon. Marathon number 21 and the 5th of the 2014. And also my 5th consecutive San Francisco Marathon. The previous 4 have taken me on a whirl wind of results with finishing times of 4:26, 3:56, 3:53 and last year hammering a 3:09:27, which was a personal best at the time and still is my 2nd fastest marathon time behind my 3:09:25 which I ran 6 months later at the California International Marathon.

This year brings the second year of being part of the ambassador program, representing The San Francisco Marathon by means of social media and in person at race expos and wearing some awesome swag during training and racing. Through the program I continued my  friendships that were made in 2013 and also built some awesome new friends in the 2014 group. When July 26 comes around, it will be nice to see some familiar faces at the expo as well as to finally meet others in person.

When the morning of July 27 comes around, it is all business for 26.2 miles around San Francisco. Then all fun after that at the finish line. At this point, I cannot question my training I can only trust it. Go with how my body feels and get after my goals come race day. The speed work, the intervals, and the marathon pace training has been done and all that is left are a few runs during the taper week and a 3-mile shake out run come Saturday.

Some people dread the taper week, I on the other hand embrace it. It means one thing …. the count down to race day is just a few days away. How do you handle your taper week? Does it make you anxious? Excited? What are you looking for most at this upcoming #TSFM2014?

I hope to see you there.

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