#GoLikeNeverBefore … Joining Team Skechers

It’s official, last week, I just signed and submitted my 2014 Sponsorship Agreement to be part of the Skechers Endurance Ambassador team. Since March 2013, I started wearing Skechers after I was sent a few pairs from the friendly folks in their marketing team. I then continued to try other shoes, running, training, and racing in them, both on and off road. Writing several blogs, breaking in shoes, sending their test team my reviews, and even giving a pair away on my old website (marathonliving.com).

Fast forward to now, I will officially be wearing Skechers Performance shoes in training and racing, as well as with other various activities I do that involve athletic shoes such as coaching (soccer) and traveling. Basically in short, if I am not wearing soccer cleats, I will be wearing Skechers Performance shoes on my feet.

So what else does being on this Skechers Endurance Amabassador Team mean? Well here are a few highlights of the team:

  • I get to run in Skechers running shoes and apparel
  • I am committed to running in at least 5 major endurance events
  • I share my love for Skechers with others
  • I get to hangout at race expos

These are a couple of the awesome perks of being part of the program and inking my Sponsored Athlete Agreement contract with Skechers.

With this being said, I am pretty excited to represent and rock some kicks that I really enjoy wearing in running and coaching on the sidelines. I will be posting plenty of upcoming Skechers related events and races where I will be sporting their gear proudly running and hoping to #GoLikeNeverBefore.

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