Now we wait another 4 years

Like most other fans of the U.S. Men’s National Team after the recent loss vs. Belgium, we now have to accept that fact that it will be another 4 years before we get to see the team play in another World Cup, assuming the team qualifies. Before we get too ahead of ourselves and start thinking 2018 and the World Cup in Russia let me give some of my own personal opinions on the tournament that just happened with the USMNT.

The team worked really hard, but that isn’t good enough for the world’s biggest stage. We lacked the players to compete with the best of them when it came down to the knockout stage. Yes, the score was close with the 2:1 loss to Belgium, but look at the match itself. Belgium bossed the game up and down the field except for the final few minutes when the U.S. side started to attack and get forward.

The biggest difference between us and other countries is that other countries when it gets to the knockout phase of the tournament, is that they all have 1-2 truly WORLD CLASS PLAYERS! We have 1 player and he happened to be in the goal. Now don’t get me wrong Tim Howard was absolutely amazing when it came down to keeping our country in the match, but unfortunately a goalkeeper will not win you games, they will only keep you in them.

We needed players or a player on the offensive side of the ball that could put a game away, not give the ball away. What we lacked was that $50 million dollar player that the rest of the world wants on their club team. We just don’t have that player. Granted some of the top countries got knocked out in the group stage do have those players, but that happens when top players don’t work or don’t have supporting players who can also net the ball. There is a fine balance of a team and needing an individual to win the side some matches.

So now we just cheer for another country for the remainder of the World Cup or just hope for some exciting matches. Then when the final is played and a champion is crowned, we wait for WC Qualifiers and hope that we get into 2018.

Who are you cheering for now that the USMNT is out of the World Cup?

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