Pebble Watch Review

A few weeks ago I was presented with the opportunity to receive, try and test the Pebble Smart-watch. The was watch was provided by The San Francisco Marathon and Pebble. With the watch offering several features this is my initial review as I continue to explore the various apps that are available on the iOS7 to the Pebble.

The Pebble came in a nifty little box. Upon opening it, a few simple attached instructions had me turn it on, connect it to my iPhone via bluetooth and download the Pebble app on iTunes.

With a quick set-up and sync of the phone, I was ready to download various apps that I would find useful for both running and day to day use of the watch. With the allotted 8 spots in my “locker” in the Pebble App, I did some searching and found a Sportstimer app, Weather app, Smartwatch Pro app, Veloview for Strava app. Run Keeper app, and was able to leave 3 open slots for future use.

After sorting through the apps and figuring it out, I left it charging to get a full go of the battery before actually using it during a run and for my day.

The benefits of the Pebble as a running watch, is that it has large numbers so with a quick glance you can see your pace, total time and distance right away. Along with the large screen is that light-weight feel of the watch, it isn’t as bulky or weight-baring as other running watches on the market. Also a nice added function to the watch is the ability to shake it to turn the backlight on which comes in really handy as not to have to touch the watch to make the screen more visible.

The one thing I did forget right after I stepped outside of the door is my phone. Since I typically do not run with my phone, getting familiar to run with it along with the Pebble took some getting use to.

With being a soccer coach by day, a good watch that can keep me on time is good to have. The sporty digital watch on the field serves an awesome purpose especially with the Stopwatch App I was able to find. With a quick push of the button I know exactly how long practice has been going, how long a certain portion of training has been and so forth.

Run Keeper is an easy way to keep track of miles, distance, time and pace. The screen view is easy to maneuver through and keeps the watch functional as a running watch.

The Weather app is as simple as it sounds and looks, but allows me to see what the days weather is.

The Smartwatch Pro app, cost a little extra but is worth it as it shows battery & phone life, connects to Twitter, and your calendar.

The Veloview for Strava app is great as it connects to your own account and allows you from your watch to give “kudos” and checkout who has commented or given you “kudos” back on your recent workouts.

The Sportstimer app is probably my favorite as I use it nearly every day for work, it is simple and uses a lap button function which I like for running my practices but also for track workouts as well.


With so many functions and apps that the Pebble has to offer, this watch can be very useful for both the runner and the watch wearer. I recommend giving it a look and see which apps work best for you so that you can make this fully customizable watch, yours. I will continue to test out some of the other apps and write another review dedicated to some of the apps that connect with the Pebble.

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