Only an every four year fan …

I know some people have their issues about “fair-weather” fans. You know those fans that only come out during certain times of the season or only during major events. As someone around the game all the time, I am okay with those casual fans. You know those fans that take time off of work, gather at local pubs to cheer for games or countries they don’t care two cents about except for every 4 years when it is a World Cup year. To me this is how fans develop from a every four year fan to an everyday fan.

Maybe it is a great 30 second goal they witnessed in the U.S. match by Clint Dempsey that drew that casual fan into the game. Now suddenly that person cheers on Dempsey not just when he is wearing the red,white and blue, but now when he wears as Sounders kit as well.

Or even the fan that suddenly only cheers for the country that wins the World Cup (in my opinion it will be Brazil), and now cheers for Neymar between the World Cups. Those supporters who cheer for the winners, I am okay with those fans too.

To me all that matters is that if the sport continues to grow it’s supporters because of one event every four years.

Away from soccer I am one of those fair-weather sports fans as well. One sport I choose to get excited about during playoff time is hockey, as teams pursue the Stanley Cup.

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