Back At It

After a disappointing finish at the Western Pacific Marathon at the beginning of the month, I decided to shut it down for a bit. And when I mean shut it down, I mean opting to just run without any real planned workout. Yes, my running streak of 536 days is still in tact. There is no plan of ending that thing any time soon.

I needed a couple of weeks to just enjoy running, I mixed in some short runs some group runs, some runs that almost didn’t make sense. No set workouts, no plans except for the pure joy of running. Now as I look forward to my schedule and realize that I have 4 races I am already registered for (The San Francisco Marathon, Santa Rosa Marathon, NYC Marathon, and California International Marathon) it is time to start working out a game plan.

Now everyone who has been following me on social media or on my blog know that I am going after that unicorn. Yes I have earned a Boston Qualifying time for 2015 with my 3:09:25 at the 2013 California International Marathon, but I want to make sure that I punch my ticket with a sub 3 or even a 3:05 would do.

With those goals being said, I did my first 2 workouts leading into The San Francisco Marathon on July 27 this past week. My first speed workout of 3 x 1-mi and my first marathon pace workout with 8 miles at GMP. To be honest I felt pretty good after both of the workouts. I was probably most surprised with my Goal Marathon Pace workout where I warmed-up for about a mile then was able to comfortably run 8 miles at 6:59/mi pace before hitting a short cool down. It’s official I am back on the saddle with 58 days until the San Francisco Marathon.

What are you training for? Any upcoming races? How do you deal with not hitting a marathon goal?

One thought on “Back At It

  1. Nice start, Chris! Keep that up and sub-3 is absolutely within reach!

    I have four goal races this fall, and training for them will be a challenge because of how different they are: Houston Half Marathon in October, goal of 1:45; Dallas Spartan Beast in November, goal of under 5 hours; Brazos Bend Trail Race 50 mile in December, goal of 10:00; and Chevron Houston Marathon in January, goal of 4:30 (vs last year's 5:35)

    I could live with falling short of any or all of these as long as I finish strong and without injury… But I would LOVE to hit all the marks!


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