I’m a #BibRavePro

I’m a #BibRavePro. End of statement, everyone knows what that means right? Okay well for those of you living under a rock let me explain (just kidding about living under a rock, but it was attention grabbing right?). Before I get into what a #BibRavePro is, let me introduce you to my newest race review friend BibRave.com.

The site

BibRave is a place where you can find and write race reviews. It’s just like restaurant or hotel review sites, but for races! BibRave is the place to research races you’re considering signing up for, and a place to leave feedback on races you’ve completed. No more scrolling endlessly through online forums, no more relying on a race’s Facebook page to see how many people liked or didn’t like the race.
Oh and the best part the website is completely FREE! 
screen shot of a BibRave Profile w/ Review
Not only does BibRave offer it’s website for reviews but it also host a weekly Twitter Chat on Tuesdays at 6:00PM PST. Just use the official hashtag #BibChat and jump in on the conversation each and every Tuesday. 
Now back to #BibRavePro and what it means. Being a BibRavePro allows me to tweet, facebook, instagram more about races, it keeps me connected with the running community around the country. I get to review races, post them on BibRave.com and most importantly I get to meet more awesome people in the running community. 
All views are my own and are not influenced by BibRave or their employees. I am provide running related items such as singlets and other gear along with free entries to races as part of being a BibRave Pro. 

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