Throw The Dice or Drop the Hammer?

Whatever your choice of words are for getting yourself motivated to acknowledging a target race is coming up, it really doesn’t matter, what does matter is if you did the work to best prepare yourself for that race. My most common terms I use to share that some sort of PR is going to be attempted are throw the dice and hammer time. Neither one of them am I completely certain where they came from or when it started, but they just stuck and some awesome.

On Saturday, May 3, I am going to be running the Western Pacific Marathon at Quarry Lakes in Fremont. This race is a Boston Qualifier that I had on my radar but didn’t originally have as my target race, though with some change of schedules it quickly became my target race.

course profile, mostly fire trail & gravel with some pavement

Going into this weekend’s marathon, my training is not short of anything. I did the work with speed sessions of 12 x 400, 6 x 800, 5 x 1000, 4 x 1200, 3 x 1600, 6 x 1 mile, 4 x 1.5 mile repeats, 3 x 2 mile workouts, and the kicker of a workout the 2 x 3 miles. My marathon pace workouts ranged from 5 miles at GMP to 10 miles at GMP. The long runs went from 10 milers to 31 milers. The work has been done, at this point, I cannot worry about what I did or didn’t do, I just need to trust the training.

With 2 days remaining all I have are a couple short miles to keep the legs moving and to verify my goals for Saturday. I always like to have 3 goals in place going into a target race … so here I go sharing my goals with those that come across my blog:

“A” GOAL: Run a sub 3 hour marathon. There you have it 6:52 per mile pace is that it comes down to. Running this would better my current best by 9 minutes 25 seconds. My current best is a 3:09:25 which I ran at the California International Marathon back in December which is also my current Boston Qualifier.

“B” GOAL: Run a 3:05 marathon. The 3:05 marathon is something I have been chasing for a couple of years. Though it is no longer my Boston Qualifying standard because I have moved up an age group, it is still the fastest BQ standard set for males 34 years and younger. I would like to know that I got into Boston with the fastest required standard time.

“C” GOAL: Better my BQ time by 2 minutes, running a 3:07:25. To get into Boston 2014, one of the most impacted years, a runner had to run 1:38 faster than their BQ standard time. In 2013, everyone that applied with a qualifying time got in. I would like to ensure my place in Boston 2015 with running at least 2:30 seconds faster than my standard time.

“THE KICKER” GOAL: Smile at the finish and enjoy another 26.2-mile journey.

The journey continues and I won’t stop until I get there … Run, Run, Run by Michelle Lewis pretty much is my theme song and describes my journey as I try to get to Boston 2015.

Do you have any target races coming up? What is on the schedule? How do you layout your goals for a target race?

2 thoughts on “Throw The Dice or Drop the Hammer?

  1. Good luck! Marathon looks a good one and gradients look pretty good!! Can't wait to hear ow you got on!


  2. Good luck, Chris! Looks like an interesting course, and you seem well-prepared as always!


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