500 Days of Running

So today I hit 500 days in my running streak. Honestly, I wasn’t really sure that this was going to happen, only because it isn’t something that I am shooting for or making a goal of mine to reach certain marks beyond the 365 days in 2013.

My streak started on December 10, 2012 with a 10 mile run, from there it just started happening after I was invited to join a Run Streak 2013 Facebook Group, which had people try to run every single day in 2013. I did that, ending 2013 with a 20.13 mile run. From there on out it just was something that I did every single day, it became part of the routine.

With 500 days of run streaking I have logged 4,656.15 miles. Here is what the 500 days of streaking has included in regards to races:

A couple of training partners have asked me what number am I trying to go for? I don’t have the answer for that, but all I know is that I will continue to run until I can’t.

A big shout out to the companies that keep me running SkechersGO, Zensah, Nuun, Energybits and BibRave.

Do you have a current running streak going? What is the longest consecutive running streak you have done? 

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