Fit Friday: The DNS

There is that dreaded DNS (DID NOT START), that most runners fear. I almost wonder if it is worse than a DNF. Last weekend I was scheduled to run the Oakland Running Festival Marathon. I was all ready and set to go, as this 26.2-mile adventure would be my 4th marathon of 2014 and another training run before my May 25 target race of the year.

The Thursday before the race, I had everything sorted out from my confirmation letter printed out to arranging my weekend plans to be ready for the run. Then Friday came around, my work schedule had changed and rather than a 4:00PM start we now had a 10:00AM start on Sunday. For me to get to the field (my career is an assistant pro soccer coach) to set up by 9:00AM, that would mean I would run a world record marathon time and drive faster than any Prius could go.

This would be my second DNS ever. Both have never been due to injury. The first DNS happened in 2012 at the Big Sur International Marathon scheduled for Sunday April 29th. The reason I didn’t start this one was a pretty important reason, my son was born on Friday, April 27th.

my first DNS 🙂 it was well worth it …

The DNS do not bother me all the much because it is just running. I guess the only thing I don’t like is losing out on registration fees, as all of you know it cost a decent amount to register for a race.

Have you ever had a DNS? What bothers you the most about not starting a race that you already paid for?

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