Fit Friday: I’m a sucker for a long run

So my schedule had me running 6-8 miles today, but after a quick exchange of messages, it quickly became 20! When I mean a quick exchange of messages, I literally mean 4-5 responses back and forth. Here is what conversation with my buddy Kevin looked like:

no convincing needed in this conversation

This 20-miler that Kevin had on his plan would be his longest run he has ever put in on a single run. As he said around mile 14, now it is time to swim in uncharted waters. With knowing that his previous long run was just over 15 miles, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to knock out a 20-miler with a friend who is training for his first marathon.

getting out before the sun comes up

We got out at 6:15AM and hit the road. For me there is no better feeling than getting out with a headlamp and making our way 10 miles out just to turn around and run 10 miles back. Had I stuck to my original plan of 6-8 miles, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy many of the sights along the parkway that we saw today. We came across 4-5 deer and plenty of other wildlife just making their way to and from the river.

about 6 miles into the run with the sun starting to come up

Kevin crushed his first 20-mile adventure today! I think there are plenty more long runs he will enjoy in the future.

How often do you divert from your planned workout? Do you ever just decide to go long with friends just because?

One thought on “Fit Friday: I’m a sucker for a long run

  1. We've made a verb out of one of our running friends' name. “Coreying” is convincing other runners to run an extra mile or two for company. A lot of us do it. I use Hanson's Marathon Method which allows for lots of “Easy Pace” miles, that is, marathon pace plus 60 seconds. I'm always up for extra miles with friends. I'm getting a tech shirt made with the initials “GFR LSD” on it. Good Form Running and Long Slow Distance. Mileage is the Breakfast of Champions!


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