Fit Friday: Working towards symmetry

The following is NOT a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts are my own and not influenced by Epic Chiropractic & Family Wellness and it’s employees.

Since this last September I have been working with Dr. Jesse Sáenz at Epic Chiropractic & Family Wellness in Sacramento. Outside of getting adjusted, I have been working in corrective exercises into my post running routine. These exercises I have been performing use 2 simple tools, the roller and broom handle (shown in photo, above). 

The exercises which I have been performing are provided to me by Dr. Sáenz after he performed a series of test outlined by the Functional Movement Systems (FMS). These test are scored based on my ability to perform them under his trained eye. Those scores are then converted to provide us with both areas of strength and weaknesses. The goal of the FMS is to allow the athlete to be more aware of the imbalances in the body. These imbalances can cause or limit performance. The goal of the corrective exercises is to allow the weaknesses and strengths to become more balanced. 

Having a balanced or symmetrical functioning body is key to athletic performance because it lessens the chance of injury and prevents compensation of different areas in the body. 

The exercises are typically performed twice a day and only done 10 times for the identified areas. If one side, for example one shoulder does not have the range of the other, only that shoulder would be worked on until both become balanced. The same goes for rolling out tight spots, such as my IT Band. One side might be rolled for 2-3 minutes while the other side might only get 30 seconds of work, because it has better range than the other.

In other traditional strength training workouts and routines, both sides of the body are worked out equally. If both sides are always being given the same weight or same amount of reps that means, the weaker side will never catch up to the stronger side, and the stronger side will always have to compensate for it’s weaker counterpart. 

Since performing these workouts I have found a significant change in my running especially in my speed work. My muscle tightness has reduced and my core has felt stronger than ever.

Have you ever been through the FMS test? Do you do strength training? How do you help correct weaknesses in your body? Do you ever go see a chiropractor to get adjusted?

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