Hello 34

photo by Dina Kupfer

I had this crazy idea of running 34 miles to welcome my turning of age when I turned 34 on February 3. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if this would really happen considering that I just finished up the Surf City Marathon (race report coming soon) on February 2 down in Huntington Beach. However, after telling a few friends about running the 34 miles on my 34th I was well kind of committed to it at that point.

The morning started pretty early with a 5:30AM meetup. Fellow Sacramento running blogger and running friend, @iamarunnergirl, was scheduled for 20 miles on Monday for her Napa Valley Marathon training, so having a little company for my run was going to be perfect. At this point McKinley Park was pretty dark, but there were already a handful of runners out there getting their morning run.

selfie w/ @iamarunnergirl

One of the reasons I opted to run McKinley Park was for a couple of reasons, I knew there would be other people around to keep me from getting bored and running alone, there was a restroom, and I could park my car there which allowed me to have my “aid station” at every mile if I needed it.

my aid station aka the back of my car

Around 6:35AM, I was scheduled to meet Dina Kupfer from News10, who I had been emailing back and forth with about running apps. She came out with her camera man, Adam, and we started to film some shots for her Friday segment. Dina jumped in for some running while I was hooked up to a mic and Adam was chasing us down with his camera. We talked about various apps for runners, I was specifically talking about Strava, which I prefer due to the functionality and other easy to use features. After spending about 2 hours out at the park during my run, Dina and Adam were headed out and I was back to just running my loops. At this point, I was 20 miles into my run and time was really flying by. I was feeling fresh and still ready to get after those final 14 miles.

a quick break to take a photo w/ Dina

As I started to get to the miles after the marathon distance, I started to get a little fatigued, perhaps more so facing mental fatigue because of the 1 mile loop that McKinley offered was getting a bit old. However, I knew I was in the single digits when it came to getting after my 34 miles for my 34th. At this point it was about cracking out the final miles and getting after it.

With a couple more frequent stops to fuel up with 5 miles to go, I was ready to get to mile 30 then start snipping away at the last 4. After 5 hours of running, I completed my 34 miler on my 420th day of streaking and also capped of 60 miles in 2 days. I guess next year I will have to make it 35 miles :).

Have you ever decided to run your birthday miles? or do some sort of variation with numbers to celebrate your birthday with a run?

6 thoughts on “Hello 34

  1. What a great way to ring in a new year! You've inspired me. Hmm, maybe 30k for my 30th birthday in March would be do-able…


  2. 30k for your 30th also works! get after it!


  3. You are crazy, but in a great way! Keep it up, you definitely inspire us out there to keep doing what we can do!


  4. So awesome!! Seriously, wow! So cool! Happy birthday again 🙂


  5. Congrats man!! That is awesome!! When I ran my marathon in Oct., I didn't even want to put on my running shoes, let alone run!! Happy Birthday man!


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