Fit Friday: Training Races

So I am off to run the Surf City Marathon this Sunday. My 2nd marathon of 2014 and my 4th marathon in 4 months. This past December, I ran a personal best in the marathon distance and earned a BQ for 2015.

Now this weekend’s race isn’t going to be a race. I have no intentions of getting after a personal best and bettering my Boston Qualifying time. My plan for this weekend is to treat the race as a long training run. In fact, this will be my first of a few marathons that I place into my training to help me prepare for my target race in May, where I do want to run a personal best and better my BQ time by at least 2 minutes.

Though I don’t have an exact plan going into the marathon as of yet, I do anticipate probably running the first 10 easy, then looking to kick in a of the middle miles at my goal marathon pace before running the final stretch at a steady pace.

For this marathon (and all those before May), I did not taper. I did a track workout on Tuesday, and Tempo run on Thursday and still logged my mileage needed for my training. After the marathon I should be around the 80 mile mark for the week.

Do you ever go into a marathon or other race with no intention of running a personal best? How do you stop the urge of “racing” the race? 

Also if you are going to be out at Surf City this weekend come hangout with @SeeSharpRun and I as we host a #SurfCityTweetUp (click here for more specifics) at noon on Saturday inside the Surf City Marathon expo. Find us at the Nuun Hydration booth, where we will be tweeting it up, chatting, giving high-fives and oh yeah some awesome goodies to giveaway!

2 thoughts on “Fit Friday: Training Races

  1. Personally, it can be super challenging to go into a race and **not** race… but it is possible. It's a great (albeit potentially costly) way to experiment with target race day execution, plans, apparel, nutrition, and the like, and like any other training run, it's an excellent way to get some valuable feedback! Hell, I did the same today for a 13.1…run, not race 🙂


  2. glad to hear I am not the only one who doesn't race every race 🙂


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