It’s no hidden secret that I represent a couple of events and brands by being part of their ambassador team. Well I am excited to announce that I have been selected to represent 2 other groups. These 2 companies officially contacted me today to be part of their ambassador team.

The first team I am excited to announce I will be representing is X-1 Audio. X-1 is the most advanced audio solutions for athletes. They manufacture waterproof headphones, sweatproof headphones, cases/ armbands and even have products designed specifically for women. I am awaiting a couple of products to arrive (Amphibx Fit Waist Extension Belt, Momentum Earbud, Amphibx Fit Waterproof Armband for Smartphones) once I get these items I will do a full product review on each one of them.

The second team I have just been invited to is Fusion Sports USA. Fusion is a Danish company that specializes in the production of high performance sporting apparel for triathletes, cyclists, and runners. Fusion is now making their way into the United States to provide athletes the same high performance apparel they have been providing in Denmark over the past 10 years.

Along with these 2 companies I also continue to represent and am part of several other ambassador teams including The San Francisco Marathon 2014 team, Nuun Hydration, ENERGYbits®, and TrailHeads.

Keep in mind if you want to join in on the fun of The San Francisco Marathon on July 27, 2014 use Code DSC10TSFM2014A19 to save $10 on any of the events (5k, half, marathon). Register at www.thesfmarathon.com.

For ENERGYbits® use code RUN4WILL to save 20% off of your purchase.

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