#TSFM2014 Blog Feature

screen shot from http://www.thesfmarathon.com blog section

Today I was a guest blogger the The San Francisco Marathon blog section. My topic was the benefits of high-volume running and how it helped me increase my strength and speed. With it I have been able to achieve more than just finishing marathons. Click here to read my post.

While you visit my blog entry on The San Francisco Marathon website consider registering for the 5k, half marathon or full marathon while you are at it. Use Discount Code DSC10TSFM2014A19 to save $10 off registration for any events.

What are you thoughts on high-volume running?  

4 thoughts on “#TSFM2014 Blog Feature

  1. “High Volume Running” became a lot tougher for me when I found out it didn't mean “turn the iPod up louder.”


    I'm in for the SF Marathon . . . looking forward to the scenery and the challenge. The hills? Not so much.


  2. Would running an extra 2-3 miles in the morning make much difference?


  3. The hills are not as bad as people think. I will break the course down as the marathon comes closer.


  4. Adding 2-3 miles on mornings makes a big difference. Miles are miles! Sometimes to get my 10-12 miles means I have to run various shorter distances to get to 10 miles on a day as life and running my own company makes me break away from running all at once.


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