Fit Friday: The Oval

 After my Tuesday night workout, I tweeted out the following:

For the first time in a while, I went out to the track and got after it. At the beginning of the week,  I didn’t have a track workout in my schedule, because my next training cycle of the marathon doesn’t start until the end of the month, though I have been running to keep my running streak going (396 days). However, on Monday, I got a Facebook message from my high school friend and current California International Marathon race director Michelle La Sala, inviting me to come workout on Tuesday night at the Folsom Lake College track. She mentioned to me that this was the first workout for the SRA Elite group. So I headed out to the track knowing that this workout would be a killer workout with some awesome runners.

When I got to the track we did a little warm-up, then did 3 x 2 miles with a 90 second rest interval, then ended with our cool down. Below is the splits and distances from my Garmin Connect.

Needless to say Michelle, who is preparing for the Houston Marathon killed this workout and left me behind especially on the the third 2-mile run. I was pretty excited to have finished the workout and actually surprised myself with some of the splits I had for my run.

Even after a solid workout and getting my ass kicked by other runners and the track, I was able to really enjoy myself out and am excited to get out there and join them every Tuesday.

The following morning, I went to put my shoes away and realized I had the red markings from the track on them, so took a photo and tweeted this:

How often do you hit the track? Does it scare you? Do you ever get out there and get killed by other runners and have a blast trying to chase them? I sure do 🙂

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