Day 390: Run Up to Beer Up

So I don’t always run with my phone to take photos, but when I do, it’s probably because it’s going to have some awesome views. Day 390 of my running streak will be the day where I was introduced to running some trails in Marin, CA. I have always heard stories of Miwok, but today I would actually be able to run part of the Miwok trail.

The schedule was to meet up with some awesome members of The San Francisco Marathon Ambassador Team and friends at 11:00AM to run trails that made up the Ninja Loop. Once all of the group (Meg, Erin, Paulette, Matt, Alisyn, Matt, Kristin, Erin, Sarah, Kevin, and Penny the pup)   got to the meeting spot, we were officially on our way to take on the 11+ mile loop.

My pace was all over the place when it came to running this loop which offered plenty of climbs, some speedy downs, and very little flats. However, unlike some of the trails in the greater Sacramento area, these paths were fairly wide and didn’t have very many tree roots. In fact the only technical portion due to rocks only happened in the last 2 miles or so, even in this area it wasn’t too crazy. During portions of the trail some of us did a run for 2 (minutes) walk for 1 ratio to get up the hills.

The weather was perfect which made for the views which made this meet up well worth the drive from Sacramento (about 1 hour 25 minutes). Words really can’t due much to describe my first experience in the Marin Headlands so here are some photos:

After finishing up our run, most of us did the very delightful baby wipes bath before heading to a local brewery in San Francisco. With recommendations from Paulette and Kevin we visited Southern Pacific Brewing. This place was pretty delightful with some awesome food, beers and a lot of space. Oh and not to mention free street parking that was pretty easy to get in and out off.

At the brew house we met up with other members of the #TSFM2014 Ambassador team. We got to chat and for many of us got to meet other ambassadors for the first time in person, while getting to know one another through social media. We got so excited about this run and meet up we are already planning for another on in the near future.

For those of you still trying to figure our a marathon schedule keep The San Francisco Marathon on July 27th in mind … and do I have a discount code you ask? Why yes I do 🙂 Use discount code DSC10TSFM2014A19 . The code is for $10 off registration for any event.

How was your weekend running? What is next on your race calendar? 

2 thoughts on “Day 390: Run Up to Beer Up

  1. What a fun day! Thanks again for organizing! Can't wait to do it again soon!


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