West Coast Running Bloggers

Some of you may have come across it on Twitter or Facebook. On Monday, I launched the West Coast Running Bloggers. I know there are other running blog community link-ups out there, but I was looking for something that was closer to home and more relevant when it came to running in California. I also knew there were some awesome bloggers and runners in Washington and Oregon, so that is why I started the West Coast Running Bloggers community. The goal is to find and gather more awesome people that can follow each others running journeys, read up on race recaps, share giveaway information, and help one another promote other blogs they find to be worth a read.

So if you live in the West Coast (CA, OR, WA), are a runner, and have a running blog, consider joining the West Coast Running Bloggers community. Here is the best part, I won’t collect emails, ask for payment to be part of the community. Like going out for a run, sharing our story should also be free.

One thought on “West Coast Running Bloggers

  1. Good luck!! I created ChicagoRunningBloggers.com two years ago, and it was such a great idea! I've met so many awesome people through it, many of whom I know consider friends – and not just running friends! Tomorrow I'm heading out of town for my second blogger race weekend.


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