20.13 and that’s all folks …

So when I started the year, I didn’t have a mileage goal in mind. I did know that this year was going to be different, I was on a plan to run higher mileage weeks. The thing I learned about running, is if I want to get better at running, I have to run more. I did that in 2013.

When I started doing my yearly mileage totals, I realized I had 3,300 in the bag, but then I started to think … hmmm, I wonder if I could get 3,400 miles. So I started doing the math, figured out how many miles I had to do on various days in the last 8 days of the year to get this done. Then as I was doing my mileage planning, I decided to get creative with my mileage. I thought why not end 2013 with running 20.13 to give me exactly 3,400 miles.

I did just that today. Not only did I get out and run 20.13 miles on a 1 mile loop at McKinley Park in Sacramento, I wanted to find a way to get my family together as well. Obviously, getting people out to run at 6:30AM when I started my run would be nearly impossible, so I threw out the run to a couple of running friends who joined me for about 4-5 miles to start their day before each one headed off to work.

I ran a couple of hours on my own, picking and slowing down the pace, not too concerned with time because the plan was to just finish with 20.13 miles. Also I didn’t want to go all out because I wanted to finish my miles when my family came out to the park to meet up. We decided to start a yearly tradition (this was the first year), where we would get out and spend time together on New Year’s Eve while being active. Being active included some of the family running or walking at various paces. The family included, my wife, son, mom, dad, aunt’s and cousins. It ended up being a good time out at the park. Luckily the weather cooperated with us for our plan. Most of the family did 2-3 miles of walking or running before we headed off on our separate ways back home.

I wouldn’t have wanted to end the 20.13 mile run any other way … Here are some photos from today.

2013 was an exciting year so many things happened …

1) The running community starts at home. Without the support of my wife and family, this whole running thing wouldn’t be possible. I BIG SHOUT OUT TO MY WIFE!

post Big Sur International Marathon w/ Donovan & Bethany

2) The road to a Boston Qualifying time, wasn’t easy. It has taken 17 marathons before I ran my first Boston Qualifying time which happened at CIM (the last marathon of my 2013 schedule).

My First BQ

3) The support from other runners is awesome! I have met so many people on social media and running blogs.

all these awesome #TSFM2013 Ambassadors

4) There is so much more to learn about this whole running thing. However, I can pinpoint to one person who helped me become the faster and stronger runner I am. Thank you Mr. Chris Kovalchick! I know you say you are just passing along knowledge, but without your openness to share I wouldn’t have had the opportunity and confidence to HAMMER at CIM! I can’t wait to take a photo with you wearing a Boston Marathon jacket in 2015.

post #TSFM2013 w/ Chris K.

How was your 2013? Did you get the goals you wanted?

2 thoughts on “20.13 and that’s all folks …

  1. I canNOT believe you did all 20 miles at McKinley!!


  2. why not? 🙂 anything is possible … I got creative and changed directions every 5 miles …


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