Every runner has a reason …

The other day I got a little postcard from the friendly folks at The San Francisco Marathon. On one side it read “Every runner has a reason. What’s yours?”. This card couldn’t have come at a better time, as it was just after Christmas. 

Every runner has a reason. Here is my reason… Meet my god son William.
My family was in town for Christmas and for a family reunion, and with family in from my mom’s side, I had the opportunity to hangout with my god son William (who lives in Baltimore). William is my reason I run. Will was born in 2004 with CP and Hydrocephalus. When he was born, our family was not sure his status and how things would be. In fact, I remember we were on edge anytime that Joe called up or sent an email about what was going on. 9 years later William is still teaching me life lessons every single day and every moment I get to spend time with him.
Unfortunately, William will never be able to run or walk or even feed himself. However, he is such an inspiration and keeps our family strong. He reminds me to love life and the world around me. He taught me to not take things fore granted, every thing we have is a gift. I run because I can and I run for William because he can’t. 
I have mentioned before, I never have a bad run. I also believe that there is no such thing as a bad run. The reason is when you can run, there is nothing bad about that. Slow, fast, challenging or smooth, every run is beautiful in it’s own way.
I always write “R4W” on the back of my running shoes. He is always running with me.
So my question to you … What is yours? Every runner has a reason.

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