Fit Friday: Training in the Elements

You wake up and realize it is about 30 degrees or colder depending on where you are at. The comfort of your bed with layers of blankets and heater blasting seems like it would be the best option and you decide to move your scheduled morning run to the afternoon or worse move it to tomorrow. During race season, following a scheduled workout is important. What is also important is being able to run in the various elements that might come with a fall or winter marathon. 

Now I completely understand that if you live in areas that get filled with snow and getting outside might be dangerous due to snow storms or other acts of nature, but not getting out because it is too cold out, doesn’t do it for me. Personally, I like to ask myself this question when it seems too cold to step out of the door, “What would I do on race day?”. The answer is simple, I would layer up and shed layers along the course when needed. 
Training in the cold, rain, wind, or whatever elements you may face in your upcoming race allows you to try out various gear that might be used on race day. The worse thing that a runner can do outside of skipping workouts is to suddenly slap on new gear without ever trying it on. That can create for new problems during your race. 
What do you tell yourself or do to get moving when the conditions are not ideal during your scheduled training run? 

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