Fit Friday: Holiday Running

During the months of November and December running can sometimes be difficult to fit into our schedules. With the number of holidays that fall between now and the end of the year, our plans can become a bit jumbled. Here are a few things I like to do to make sure I get my running in during the holidays.

Put it on your calendar. Like our holiday parties, work, and holiday shopping, once I put it on my schedule I typically will stick to running at that time of the day. Sometimes looking at the most hectic day can be broken up with a run, even if it is only for a couple of miles or 30 minutes. Do what you can, you will thank yourself when the stresses of the holiday season hits you. 
Plan your travel. If you are one of those who travels for the holidays make sure you pack the proper gear and plan ahead. What might be good for California winter running may not be the same for running in New York. Also plan ahead either look up some local routes to where you are traveling to or make sure you have access to a treadmill. When I travel I make sure that the hotel I am staying at has a treadmill. 
Social run groups. During this time, plenty of your friends that you have not seen in a while might have some time off as well or visiting from out of town. Meet up with them for a social run, you get to see your friends, do some catching up and get your run in at the same time. In the past my social running group has organized a run towards the evenings where we would run in neighborhoods known for their holiday displays and lights. If you do this make sure you have your reflective gear for safety. 
How do you plan your running during the holiday season? Any tips to share?

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