Review & Giveaway: TrailHeads HyperReflect Running Gloves

Thanks to the friendly folks over at TrailHeads I was sent a pair of the TrailHeads HyperReflect Gloves – black / high vis green to test out, review and giveaway a pair to one of your lucky blog readers.

For some of you that might have come across my previous blogs or even have ran with me, gloves are an important thing to me when it comes to running during the fall and winter months. My hands have poor circulation so get cold and numb very easily, probably due to the countless dislocations and injuries to my hands playing goalkeeper (soccer) for most of my playing career.

First Try … When I first put the gloves on, the first thing I noticed was the snug and comfortable fit that the glove offered. My thought is that many gloves on the market do not fit well on my hands allowing air to travel into the glove which causes for my hands to get cold. The other thing that I noticed was that the glove included bright reflective stripes along the top portion of the glove to allow for increased visibility, this was also accompanied with an area of the glove that is a plush terry wipe.  The final part I noticed on my first wear is that the palm-side of the glove included silicon grip. For me this is important because I run with bio-grip handles (helps with balance). The grip prevents the handles from slipping around.

After putting the gloves on, it was time to take them onto the dark streets to test them out with their practical functionality. The first was how visible is the HyperReflect area of the glove, by shinning my headlamp down towards the glove it was clear that the glove would be very visible. The second was the grip, did it actually hold my handles without slipping. The silicon grips performed as needed. The final test and most important would be are the gloves warm enough? I took the gloves out on a run where the morning temperatures were in the high 30’s. After 10 miles the gloves worked like a charm, my hands stayed warm, no frozen finger tips and I was able to enjoy my run without the numbing feeling in my hands.

For the retail price of $28, these gloves are a winner. Now you have read my review, here is your chance to win a pair for yourself as well as purchase a pair at a discounted rate (20% off by using code ‘MARATHON’ at the checkout, code valid until 12/9) if you are looking for a pair of good running gloves.

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Disclaimer: I was provided the TrailHeads HyperReflect gloves in exchange for this blog review, all opinions and reviews are my own and not influenced by the TrailHeads company and their employees. Giveaway begins November 25, 2013 at 12:00AM PST. Giveaway is only open to U.S. Residents. Winner will be announced on December 2, 2013.

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14 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway: TrailHeads HyperReflect Running Gloves

  1. I have some thin mizuno gloves right now. not quite the best.


  2. I currently have Manzella gloves, they are decent. These look good though!


  3. I have never used running gloves but these would be a lovely addition to my running outfit!


  4. I wear Brooks gloves, would love to give these a whirl though!


  5. I have been running with whatever gloves I already own, either cotton jersey or leather or nylon work gloves – all of the above are marginally effective at best, too bulky and get way too heavy when they get wet. I have been thinking seriously about some running gloves, and these would fit the bill nicely!


  6. I have some cheap fleece that I think were from Old Navy.


  7. I have some UA grip gloves but I only use them for mud runs.


  8. I use a pair of Nike gloves, but they're pretty thin and not warm enough when it's really cold, so I'm definitely looking for something else.


  9. My go to gloves are Brooks 'Utopia' softshell gloves. It rains a lot in the winter here, and the softshell repels water while the palm allows my hands to breath.


  10. I use some Nike Fleece gloves, but they're men's gloves. I am not a man. I do not have man hands. Therefore, they're a big large and floppy.

    I need lady gloves!!


  11. good luck in the giveaway contest. remember you can tweet everyday until the end to earn more entries into the raffle.


  12. good luck in the giveaway contest. remember you can tweet everyday until the end to earn more entries into the raffle.


  13. I love my trailheads gloves!


  14. I just have a cheap brand, can't remember where from. 🙂


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