Run for the Philippines #TyphoonReliefFund


Today wasn’t one of those normal runs around the block. Today I ran around the studio of KHTK 1140 in Sacramento a total of 100 times totaling just over 16 miles under 2 hours of a live broadcast. The reason I did this was to participate in the raising of funds for the Red Cross Typhoon Relief Fund for those affected by the recent disasters in the Philippines.

For my family and I, we are fortunate that all of our family in the Philippines is safe and accounted for. Unfortunately, there are about 2,500 who lost their lives during the events that took place last week. 
While running around the building while on live television as well as being mentioned by various radio stations I challenged my social media friends to step up and donate. At the beginning of my run the total was just over $5,000. 2 hours later the total pledges collected went over $33,000. My goal initially was to help get the total to $20,000. That total came by quickly so I decided to just keep running until the broadcast was over. 
Though many people gave me high-fives as I made my trip around the building and even got people honking while giving me a thumbs up, the big kudos goes to those who stepped up and donated to the cause. 
If you are still interested in donating to the Red Cross Typhoon Relief Fund you can do so by calling 1-877-239-2931 or by making a donation online at

CBS Radio Typhoon Relief Fund Pt 3

CBS Radio Typhoon Relief Fund Pt 4
Typhoon Relief Fund Part 3

2 thoughts on “Run for the Philippines #TyphoonReliefFund

  1. Wow! Brilliant!! Well done on raising such a fantastic amount of money!!


  2. thank you. I just did what I could to try to do my part.


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