Fit Friday: Come Here Often?

Sounds like a bad pick up line, but running has brought me to various places over and over again. Like many of you, I often run some of the same training routes, run with the same people, and at this point start to make it an automatic when it comes to registering for races.

In 2014, I will be running my fifth The San Francisco Marathon (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013). However, this marathon is not my most frequented start line. In one month I will be toeing the California International Marathon for the 7th time. When the CIM opens registration, around March of each year, it is an automatic that I log onto the website and click the registration button and complete the form.

Since CIM is a hometown race, that most of my running club members run, I will continue to always run the event. It is a winter race with very unpredictable weather, the course is a net downhill with a lot of rolling roads, and not to mention I have never ran particularly well in the race, I still continue to run it.

With The San Francisco Marathon being my fifth SFM, I love this race because of it’s proximity to Sacramento. It offers a very fun course, well organized and enjoyable expo, and not to mention I have made many friends over the last few years to where this marathon has become a reunion of friends and a very enjoyable destination race.

Do you have certain races that are always on your calendar? Which ones do you know you will running until you can no longer run anymore.

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